Want to Start on Amazon FBA and Ecommerce….

and Looking for A New way to Differentiate?

The Blimp Method is perfect for someone looking to get started on Amazon FBA that hasn’t sold there before. One of the most common problems sellers have is choosing the right product to start with. After choosing the product is, setting up a new brand, and the investments in making a website, trademark, and the entire launch process.

Using the Blimp Method, you are licensing existing brands to launch products under - therefore skipping a lot of the pain and hassles - as well as TIME - to get to market.

Sounds good?

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By joining the official training program of the new and innovative BLIMP Method, you will be matched with the right blimp (brand) for you and your goals. More importantly, you will “ride into the sunset" - together - with the community of sellers on that blimp.

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