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If you know how to sell on Amazon and in e-commerce, and curious about this Blimp Method and how it can be applied to your business - we would love to work with you.

Many have learned about the PL (Private Label) model for building a brand and selling on Amazon FBA, but have reservations about the time and investment to build and launch. Maybe you have gone through a course and learned the systems, but looking for an easier way to get started.

The Blimp Method helps you find an existing brand and matches you up so you can launch a product faster and for less capital. Therefore, you get the experience (valuable) of launching and running an Amazon FBA business without the capital and risks associated with starting your own private label. Once you have used Blimp Method successfully and generated cashflow and long term assets from these brands, you can then move to your own brand (if you so choose), or continue to expand your current “blimp” of licensed products under existing brands.

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By joining the official training program of the new and innovative BLIMP Method, you will be matched with the right blimp (brand) for you and your goals. More importantly, you will “ride into the sunset" - together - with the community of sellers on that blimp.

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